New Color Palette for Duka’s Natura 4000

New Color Palette for Duka’s Natura 4000

Duka’s Natura 4000 Shower Enclosure line gets a seasonal makeover beginning this autumn. The “Colour Up Your Life” series adds three additional color palettes to the existing collection. Options in copper pearl, brass pearl, and black pearl offer intriguing choices that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the 4000 series.

Black shower frame enclosure
Natura 4000 double-sized shower with bronze frame

Known for being a flexible system with options for integrating a variety of handles, hinges, and fixtures, Natura 4000 shower enclosures “are increasingly customizable – for different configurations depending on the room, living, wellness or hotel sector – and respond to different needs and individual tastes.”

tile enclosed shower with bronze frame in spacious bathroom
Gold shower with peak in distance

The enclosures also offer a characteristically clean look. Duka uses a proprietary adhesive to fix structural elements and metal components to the glass, eliminating the need for screws. The smooth interior is a boon for maintenance, making it easy to care for and clean the surfaces.

Duka frameless shower in black

But Natura 4000’s biggest calling card remains its clean, contemporary, streamlined look—a perfectly lovely place for respite and relaxation.

gold shower enclosure in spacious bathroom with view of mountain peak

Find out more at Duka. And go to 3rings to discover more luxurious options for shower and bath.

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