Washbasin Collections by KOS

Washbasin Collections by KOS

Milan-based architects and designers Ludovica+Roberto Palomba have been working with Italian bathroom brand Kos since 2001. Together, over the years, they have created an impressive portfolio of designs including three striking washbasin collections that are united by their simple lines, perfect proportions and balance between form and function.

Washbasins Collection by KOS_01
Morphing Console

Sophistication, innovation and design are the values "‹"‹that unite the collection of KOS washbasins.

Italian designers Ludovica+Roberto Palomba explain:  "Kos products are made to relate to space. We have studied forms, surfaces and proportions that are capable of creating a 'golden relationship' and of imparting 'perfect balance' among the components of our project: rich in style and designer flair, they fit harmoniously into any ambience."

Washbasins Collection by KOS_03
Morphing Unit
Washbasins Collection by KOS_04
Morphing Steel

Introduced in 2011, the Morphing line is made up of Morphing Console, Morphing Unit (a console with an integrated washbasin) and Morphing Steel (another console with an integrated washbasin). The flexible design nods at classic models, while being characterised by fluid, mutant aesthetics.

Washbasins Collection by KOS_06
Faraway Round
Washbasins Collection by KOS_09
Faraway Square

The square and round Faraway freestanding washbasins were launched in 2009. The round version is  characterized by an asymmetrical base, while the square version can be combined with cabinets made of heat-treated ash.

Washbasins Collection by KOS_12
Lab 01
Washbasins Collection by KOS_15
Lab 02
Washbasins Collection by KOS_18
Lab 03

Finally, the sculptural Lab 01, 02 and 03 were all launched in 2008 with smooth flowing forms made from silky Cristalplant® or Pietraluce®. Lab 03 integrates a handy towel rail into its design. For more information email info@kositalia.com call +39.0322.954700 or visit www.zucchettikos.it

This article was originally published at AF New York, in cooperation with DesignerPages.

About the Manufacturer: Kos began in 1998 as a company that produced whirlpool tubs and multifunctional shower cabins. In 2001, the Italian company hired internationally recognized designers Ludovica + Roberto Palomba to design their entire collection and oversee the company's art direction. Ludovica + Roberto Palomba's designs "reinvented the bathroom setting in type and morphology." Then in 2007, Kos entered the Zucchetti group, and the two leading brands were "united by a shared philosophy and purpose." Zucchetti and Kos design bathroom products for cosmopolitan clients who want to build "domestic panoramas."



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