From Scraps to Stone

From Scraps to Stone

How does Pierreplume turn cast-off shreds of textile into functional sound absorbent wall panels?

Pierreplume process wth scraps of textile

With a bit of ingenuity and a whole lot of design savvy.

marble white sample of textile wall panel

The trio that is Pierreplume—Amandine Langlois, Jérémie Triaire and Camille Chardayre—sources waste fibers from industry and clothing manufacture and magically turns them into acoustic wall panels that look like natural stone.

blue wall panel sample that looks like blue jean material

The panels can be customized too, into most any shape, in fact.

Pierreplume panel in scalloped form like a peacock's feathers in blue
sample shapes in blue and white

Here’s an innovative use that’s a great substitute for tile.

Pierreplume wall panel formed into brick like shapes and covering entire wall with table in front in speckled white

Pierreplume was created around the notion of the circular economy: “to identify the aesthetic potential residing in materials that are too little considered, invent new uses for them, and create by using as resources the waste produced by our society.”

Pierreplume panels made into privacy screens in gray and blue

Find out more at Pierreplume.

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