What the Flock?

What the Flock?

Designers will gather in droves to introduce their clients to Mr. Flock, a system of decorative soundproof panels that “loves tea, London rain and the cold waters of the Thames.”

Mr. Flock anthracite grass design on large wall different shades of green with nature motifs and gray sofa

Anthracite Grass from Benetti Home’s Mr. Flock collection.

The evocation of comfort for the cold is apropos of this new concept by Benetti Home, especially given Mr. Flock’s world of texture, color, and pattern, as well as its aesthetic affinity with fine tailoring.

Bishop's Gate panel with beige rectangles alternating with green flocked panels

Bishop’s Gate.

Enjoy customized options by incorporating Mr. Flock with Benetti Living Moss

The extensive catalog offers upwards of 100 designs, yet Mr. Flock also plays nice with Benetti Home’s Living Moss. This “Magic Panel collection” integrates vertical garden inserts for a compelling interplay of shapes and textures.

Mr. Flock magic panel circular forms with living moss

Mr. Flock works via flocking, a different sort of gathering in which the panels are engraved, then flocked, a method of gathering together small fibers to create a velvet-like texture.

Close-up view of flocking technique
picture-sized panels in green with red sun above blue sofa
Mr. Flock green moss with gray and blue rectangles

Panels are easy to install using dowels, glue, or fasteners. They come in various sizes up to 60×60 cm. And they may be combined to create “geometric shapes, modular compositions, and optical effects… true works of art.”

hexagonal panels with moss, different colors, and different designs

Get additional information at Benetti Home. And see 3rings for more innovative acoustical panels.

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