Colorful Trash Receptacle from Jane Hamley Wells

Colorful Trash Receptacle from Jane Hamley Wells

Dispose of your disposables in style with the Morris litter bin from Jane Hamley Wells.

Morris litter bin with covered top in stainless steel on restaurant patio overlooking river

Defying the typical tactic of blending into the surroundings, Morris announces its presence with an engaging profile and a dynamic color palette.

Litter bin with yellow/mustard finish

Besides the vibrant colors, Morris’ calling cards include curved lines and a durable powder-coated finish, with an aesthetic that “hints at Rothko’s iconic, modern paintings.”

blue covered litter biin

Choose from eight colors. The Morris line also offers a covered bin (above) and a planter family (below)

Morris planter in yellow/gray with small tree in it

Find out more at Jane Hamley Wells. And see 3rings to delve deeply into the world of designer trash receptacles.

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