The LEGO-like Leco Recycling Containers by Flussocreative

Sometimes we create interior cabinetry or stainless steel that blends drawers, cabinets, and even recycling and trash containers within the surroundings walls and interior space. For the times we seek differentiation, Flussocreative may be called upon. In the Italian design team’s recent design of LEGO-like recycling containers they call Leco they used exuberant colors reminiscent of our childhood building blocks to breathe in a little non-flush fun.

Leco. Designed by Flussocreative.

Brightly-Colored Leco Recycling Containers Bring out the Best of Green-Friendly Design, by Flussocreative.

With two small polymer boxes in blue and green and two large polymer boxes in white and yellow, the Leco recycling containers fit well into a charming utility room, classroom, or cafeteria space. Get as creative as you like with the aluminum, glass, paper and plastic separators to make the art of recycling more appealing for children and adults alike. (This would include using the bins as storage containers too as they are not just available for use in recycling.) Since they use the LEGO-like form, the modules can be stacked up in various configurations without worry of opening, as each of them have front-opening doors.

Leco. Designed by Flussocreative.

Flussocreative says about their Leco design, “[The project results from] the desire to create, even if for a delicate issue such as environmental conservation; and the opportunity to interact with the containers in a nice way, overcoming aesthetic and formal obstacles… The result of that vision has led us to create a collector who had the power to attract people, not only because of its use, but also for its space-saving ability and the way it encourages the daily practice of collection and separation.”

Leco. Designed by Flussocreative.

Colorful recycling/storage containers like Leco are hard to come by in the world of garbage separation. With the help of Flussocreative’s twisting of our day-to-day reality – that garbage exists and must be dealt with – we see that it is just as easy to have fun with the idea as an interior addition to any space that can serve a dual-purpose as seating or storage as well as recycling.

About the Designer: Flussocreative was formed by friends Gianfranco Di Costanzo and Daniel Facchetti after they both studied together at the Machina Institute and worked together at Cherubia Contract in Italy. They’re a design workshop dedicated to everything design, and feature everything from interior design projects to industrial, product and graphic design.

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