Evette Waiting Room Seating by HPFi

Evette Waiting Room Seating by HPFi

A companion to HPFi’s adult-sized Eve collection, Evette is vibrant modular seating of diminutive dimension—just the thing to keep kids occupied when parents are stuck waiting.

HPFI Evette Seating five units together in blue with child coloring

Evette consists of plush upholstered seating and tables in a variety of profiles: straight or serpentining, with arms or without, and oval tables with optional wooden laminate tops.

HPFI Evette seating in waiting room. Several units in lime green in ganged configuration and standalone seating.

The pieces feature a vivid color palette too—red and orange with over-sized polka dots, mottled green, and geometric yellow stars on a navy blue background. Combine colors for an energizing eye-popping scheme that helps stave off boredom.

HPFI Evette Lounge Seating five units in ganged configuration with central table. Red and orange upholstery with green, orange, red, and pink polka dots.

Evette is ultra durable, making it ideal for healthcare environments. The collection also features attachable privacy screens to create an impromptu and very private oasis.

HPFI Evette seating single armless chair in green upholstery with green and blue dots with slate blue privacy screen

Additional options include wood or metal legs. See HPFi to find out more.

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