Gunning for Gunnar by Landscape Forms

Gunning for Gunnar by Landscape Forms

Designed by Spanish firm Santa & Cole Urbidermis, and brought to this side of the pond courtesy of Landscape Forms, Gunnar is a modular outdoor lighting system with an urban ethos and a streamlined modern aesthetic.

Gunna pole mount light

Antoni Rosell├│'s design is inspired by the work of Swedish architect Gunnar Asplund, known for elegant minimalism with occasional references to Neoclassical architecture. Note the fluted detail here.

Gunnar wall-mount light detail

Beyond the refined, streamlined look, Gunnar aims for precision and performance. The floodlight projector illumines outdoor environs with a powerful LED luminaire. And mounting options abound: from wall- to pole-mount and catenary options.

Gunnar catenary detail

Users may select height depending on site needs. And for especially extensive lighting requirements, up to six projectors may be mounted on a single pole.

Gunnar multiple projectors on single pole

There are also a variety of outputs, color temperatures, and diffuser screens, fine-tuned tools for differing demands "to highlight art and architectural details, to illuminate plazas, walkways and promenades, and to cast accents on building entryways and fa├žades."

 pole mount projection light

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Posted August 1, 2022 by Joseph Starr

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