Film Studio by Skyline Design

Film Studio by Skyline Design

Skyline Design continues to make great strides in architectural glass with Film Studio, double Best of NeoCon winner in Sustainability and Interior Surface Coverings.

Film Studio floral design with transparent flower blooms

Film Studio is to glass what wallpaper is to walls. The product opens up vast new horizons for privacy concerns and aesthetic preference.

Film Studio Linear Design by Suzanne Tick for Skyline Design

Both PVC- and Red List-free, Film Studio is a polyester film product to adorn glass, plexiglass, and steel surfaces. It installs with an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Film Studio capitalizes on the decorative possibilities in this realm with a vast collection of designs by a marquee line-up. The line features styles by Suzanne Tick (Lineal Fade, above), Patricia Urquiola (Check, below), Marcus Linnenbank, Michael Graves, the Bouroullec Brothers, and many others.

Polyester Film in tight-knit Check pattern for privacy of office by Skyline Design
Inthebeginning design of colorful striped lines by Markus Linnenbrink
Film Studio pattern that looks like a blue gaseous vapor

Check out the entire collection at Skyline Design.

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