Get Animated with Boing by Pulp Studio

What’s the final frontier in architectural glass? Given the amazing innovations of companies like 3form and Lasvit, one might fairly conjecture that it will involve great arching porticoes imbued with fantastical images, or transparent curved ceilings stretching into untold expanses overhead. If that’s true, then one step in this evolution would certainly be owed to Pulp Studio’s new Boing architectural glass.

Boing. Manufactured by Pulp Studio.

Architectural Glass Embraces Graphical Innovation with Boing by Pulp Studio

“Who said glass has to be one dimensional. Boing utilizes our graphic interlayer system but separates the graphic into various layers.” The technology allows Pulp Studio to pile on the color—and aesthetic innovation—into an assemblage of kinetic imagery that renders an otherworldly effect, almost akin to that of the new breed of Spiderman and Batman ensembles that have characters virtually flying off the screen.

Boing Architectural Glass. Manufactured by Pulp Studio.

The Boing collection doesn’t involve supervillians and the threat of world domination, but it does embrace the leading edge of graphical innovation to create an exciting new aesthetic landscape. In the Boing stock collection, Pulp Studio emphasizes vibrant  colors in geometrical configurations. Examples include concentrically hypnotic circles in various shades of green, interwoven rectangles and squares in deep sea blues, and pastels like orange sherbet and cotton candy pink.

Boing Architectural Glass. Manufactured by Pulp Studio.

These designs will brighten the interiors and wow passersby of any contract venue—be it office, retail, or hospitality—but Pulp is quick to remind us that the 3D interlayer technology can be customized with just about any image: “Patterns can be produced in any color, opacity, or graphic concept… Pulp Studio is known for their highly technical, computerized printing capabilities that can capture virtually any image in glass and create a 3D effect.”

Boing Architectural Glass. Manufactured by Pulp Studio.

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About the Manufacturer: Pulp Studio envisions and creates fine architectural products via the medium of architectural glass. The company is known for their facility with decorative graphic interlayers, as well as patterned glass, laminated glass, and interior capture of photographic elements. Pulp Studio also creates customized applications for particularly ambitious installations: “when you begin your relationship with Pulp Studio you will learn to understand that just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean we can’t make it for you… Our role is to help each designer achieve his or her vision.”

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