DCS Series 9 Grill

DCS Series 9 Grill

What’s your favorite thing about outdoor grilling? How about least favorite thing?

Detail of grill with lamb chops

For me, the answer to the latter is the whole experience of cooking outdoors: the smoky smells, the feeling of escaping from the heat of the house to the back deck, and of course the nuanced flavors. But all this comes with a cost: it can be messy, unpredictable with occasional arcs of flame, and not always the safest or most controlled way to cook.

DCS Seried 9 grill installed in outdoor ktichen with white marble

DCS addresses these concerns with the Series 9 Grill, a beautifully designed, multi-function appliance that takes the guesswork (and much of the mess) out of grilling.

front view of grill in open position in outdoor kitchen

In fact, the Series 9 effectively turns the backyard into an outdoor kitchen. Beyond the principal function of grill, it bakes, braises, boils, slow roasts, and smokes. Precision burners and innovative heat delivery let chefs control every aspect of cooking. Series 9 delivers even heat (from low to ultra-high settings and everything in between), so you may pivot techniques, on a dime and in the same compact space: “move from slow cooking to searing, and sautéing to frying with a grill designed to help you master your cooking zones.”

Series 9 grill detail of grate

Other perks include spring-assist hood for easy opening, automatic lighting for full illumination at any hour, integrated charcoal smoker tray, double-sided cast grates (with different profiles to support fragile foods like fish or veggies), removable catch tray for grease management, and heavy-duty 304 grade stainless steel construction throughout.

Grill on wood deck with man and woman

DCS grills come with a lifetime warranty on grill burners, grill covers, burner boxes, cooking grates, and grill racks; and a five-year warranty on radiant trays and drip pans.

Series 9 DCS grill in outdoor kitchen with food and cooking items and partial view of outdoor table

Read more about the Series 9 grill at DCS.

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