Make the Most of Sitland’s Lido Modular Poufs

I like the cut of Lido’s jib, but who wouldn’t? This is a collection of smart and streamlined seating modules specifically designed for you to “make your own cut.”

LIdo in green half moon shape with table

The terminology is both literal and figurative. In the first case, it refers to the clever “cuts,” or zippered junctions in the surface of the modules that let users easily incorporate tables and backrests. In the second, it implies unfettered customization—your space arranged the way you want it.

Prefer straight lines? Lido has a pouf for that. Organic, curvy shapes more your cup of tea? Check out the island and circular arrangements. Even if your preferred profile lies somewhere in the middle, Lido can accommodate you. The modules come in rectangles, trapezoids, pie-shapes, and squares. Each of which fit together on one side so you can serpentine it across the room or keep it nice and compact.

Lido Navy blue long configuration with tables
Lido half moon in blue with tables in front of window

Lido also has some pretty impressive sustainability credentials. The fabric is a special formulation made of 75% post-consumer recycled polyester in single color and melange fibers. This makes for a durable and flame-retardant fabric: “Soft to the touch, it has a dull and slightly irregular appearance that mimics the texture of natural textile fibers.” Each module is designed to be disassembled at the end of its life cycle and recycled.

Open room with two large modular seating arrangements in front of large wiindow lookiing out on park

Lido is available in 13 colorways in both Gabriel and Camira fabric. Get further details at Sitland. And see more modular seating at Designer Pages Media.

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