Ergonomic Goes BIG with Vox LCS by Nienkamper

Ergonomic Goes BIG with Vox LCS by Nienkamper

Sit-stand desks are great for solo work, but what if an entire group of colleagues would like to exercise their right to an ergonomic work station, at the same time, mind you?

large sit-stand conference table with black base and two people working

Look no further than Nienkämper’s Vox LCS sit-stand conference table, “rising to the needs of flexible meeting spaces.”

Vox LCS table in office with two maroon colored lounge chairs

The story begins with Vox LCS’ formidable, monolithic base. Cleverly covered in sustainably minded “neather” (a resin-based fiber material that feels and functions like leather), the base keeps cables hidden while housing an innovative cantilever design that supports up to 375 pounds.

Vox LCS table sit-stand lever detail

A simple hidden lever activates the electrical mechanism, raising the Vox LCS up to 39.5 inches.

front view of large sit-stand conference table

The feature is a boon for dynamic office environments that place a premium on worker health and comfort.

Vox LCS with office chair and laptop

And Vox LCS is designed to easily incorporate Nienkämper’s suite of connectivity solutions: Vox Simple Forum and Simple Pop-Up Forum fill the bill with power, USB charging, and AV connectivity.

Large Nienkämper table with two people seated and talking

Nienkamper offers a cornucopia of finish options, everything from veneers to plastic laminate to fingerprint-resistant and colored P-Lam. There’s also a variety of edge details, inlcuding taper, flow-form, camber, and facet.

Conference table with bottle of water next to sideboard

Find our more at Nienkämper.

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