At NeoCon 2021: Davis is the Darling of Judges at the Best Of Awards

At NeoCon 2021: Davis is the Darling of Judges at the Best Of Awards

Manufacturer Davis furniture is doing their part to further the resimercial trend.

Davis Lightwork several chairs in different colors

Designer Jonathan Prestwich sees resimercial as a propitious development, yet he acknowledges that it can also be problematic, as residential furniture in the workspace may lack comfort and durability.

Davis Lightwork green and white/gray

Best of NeoCon winner in conference seating, Prestwich’s LightWork is a precisely engineered piece that offers an intuitive sit with no need for adjustment— ”combining the look and feel of the home with the sit of an office chair.”

Davis Lightwork white in office

And LightWork is just one among Davis’ several NeoCon launches that synthesize comfort and function with a residential aesthetic.

Davis Cantina long, gray

Best of winner in lounge furniture, Cantina is a modular lounge that’s thin as a pencil and flexible as a yogi. It can be divided and defined into innumerable configurations to support collaboration or offer privacy.

Davis Cantina medium brown in corner with chair

The different modules join together so seamlessly that one is hard pressed to find the junction between them.

Davis Cantina green with cafe table and chairs

Winner in the modular seating category, SoMod’s name says it all. jehs+laub’s sculpted sofa is streamlined and elegant, with “backed, backless and arm pieces that gang together to connect in a limitless anthology of designs.”

Davis SoMod Sofa blue in showroom

Lest we leave out the Tavo Table, gold award winner for Conference Tables . Also by jehs+laub, Tavo features a striking monolithic concrete base and supporting steel structure beneath a rounded rectangular top that’s as svelte as a surfboard.

DAvis Tavo Table in dining room

Available in solid wood and Davis’ innovative Fenix laminate, “Tavo’s sculptural silhouette stands out as a modern showpiece design for any interior, from contract to residential.”

DAvis Tavo Table close

Lastly, Davis expands the Sachet seating line with the Sachet barstool, best of winner in this category. Sachet is right in line with the rest of Davis’ award-winning products, offering detailed tailoring and a diversity of aesthetic choices.

DAvis Sachet barstool two with light blue upholstery in kitchen

Davis is showing their whole line-up of winners—and other new launches as well—in their showroom on floor 3, 115, so stop by for a good sit!

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