It Is Exactly Rocket Science

It Is Exactly Rocket Science

California-based carpet tile manufacturer Bentley has enhanced their line and expanded their aesthetic with the launch of Rocket Science-two new carpet tile styles that evoke the molecular age.



Time Warp offers a profusion of vertically oriented linear shapes whose abstract nature leaves meaning up to interpretation, though the design suggests everything from white noise to the patterns drawn by the dancing needle of a lie detector test.


Hyperspace is an agglomeration of interlaced parabolas-aptly evoking a sense of depth and movement and thus capturing the doubtless thrilling if unsettling phenomena of the style's moniker.


Both are available in either square (24" x 24") or rectangular (18" x 36") tiles. Bentley offers 13 colorways in addition to their Colorcast technology, which allows duplication of color from any source, paint chips and fabric included.


The Rocket Science Collection is Cradle-to-Cradle certified, NSF-140 certified, and CRI-Green Label Plus certified. Tiles are made of Antron Legacy Type 6,6 Nylon. Contact Bentley for further information.

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