At NeoCon 2022: Egan Visual has the Write Stuff

At NeoCon 2022: Egan Visual has the Write Stuff

Who combines the stunning visuals of crystal clear tempered glass with the singular human achievement of communication? Egan Visual, that’s who.

GlassWrite clear with rounded edges

GlassWrite is a high-clarity, low-iron safety glass. With superlative field depth and a polished aesthetic, GlassWrite is the perfect palette for visual collaboration.

Glass Board in conference room with architectural drawing

It’s also easy to clean. Anything you throw at it effortlessly wipes away with isopropyl alcohol: I’m talking permanent markers, rust-proof paint, the most pernicious and intractable inks—all gone with ease, leaving no ghosting or other unsightly marks.

Three people talking about drawings on a glass board

Neither is GlassWrite confined to one-size-fits-all. Egan Visual offers many options, both aesthetic and functional. In the former camp, we have GlassWrite Colors, featuring 1050 standard solid colors or a custom color of your choice: Egan’s color-matching technology means the GlassWrite board will be painted within 1.0 dE of the intended color.

GlassWrite colors detail

GlassWrite bright green near table

Custom printed displays are also available: GlassWrite LINXX uses EganINK for flawless reproductions of landscapes, custom art, or company branding, ideal for dramatic presentation walls.

LINXX custom glass board art

And GlassWrite Curve embraces the contemporary design trend of rounded corners for a smooth, seamless look to match with existing decor.

Detail of curved corner in red board

There’s also a line of table screens, a frame-less divider of frosted glass that fits right in with “visually unobtrusive workplace concepts.”

Glass TableScreen

Egan Visual will be onsite at NeoCon 2022 in booth 10-151. Stop by to explore GlassWrite and to learn more about the company’s entire product line.

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