Bretford’s PE Presentation Cabinet

Perhaps the 3rings audience is too young to remember the early 90s Canadian sketch comedy show "The Kids in the Hall," the title of which is certainly appropriate for an Education-themed post. Though, on first glance, the PE Presentation Cabinet by manufacturer Bretford reminds me of a particular skit by that troupe, decidedly un-educational in its purview.

PE Presentation Cabinet. Manufactured by Bretford.

Bretford's PE Presentation Cabinet is a Generously-Sized Dry Erase Board that Saves Floor and Closet Space

The question of saving space is apropos of the above. In the skit, a non-descript 30-something hires an interior decorator, only to discover that, "instead of track lighting," the decorator has installed a demon: "Jack Nicholson has a demon; Christopher Walken has a demon; and, now, you have a demon."

PE Presentation Cabinet. Manufactured by Bretford.

The connection here is that the slim, sleek exterior of Bretford's PE Presentation Cabinet looks exactly like that of the niche in which said supernatural creature had been "installed." When one opens the PE Presentation Cabinet, however, one is not faced with a denizen from the bowels of hell, but rather 32 square feet of pristine porcelain writing surface.

PE Presentation Cabinet. Manufactured by Bretford.

To students, the PE Presentation Cabinet's interior may not have the same appeal as a demon, yet it's infinitely more useful for teachers. Bretford offers two incarnations of this helpful classroom accessory: the PE Presentation Cabinet includes four markers, a holder, and an eraser; while the Loaded PE Presentation Cabinet comes with the same plus a tool cubby and right side flip chart holder.

Bretford's PE Presentation Cabinet

Finish options for PE include wood laminates, solid laminates, pattern laminates, and veneers. Bretford offers both presentation cabinets in over 100 colors. Custom finishes in Wollsdorf Leather and Momentum Fabric are available via Bretford's Finish Request Form.

About the Manufacturer: Out of Franklin Park, IL, manufacturer Bretford tackles the tough job of providing the tools for education. Under the credo of "learning happens everywhere," the company creates all manner of infrastructure for learning environments, including shelving, seating, tables, carrels, credenzas, lecterns, and easels. Products such as their PE  Presentation Cabinets are helping to revolutionize the way students learn, not to mention enhancing the careers of teachers by  improving the convenience and functionality of classrooms.

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