Häcker’s New Surface Makes PerfectSense

Häcker’s New Surface Makes PerfectSense

German engineering and Florida style collide with excellent results in the new PerfectSense surfacing material from Häcker Kitchens.

PerfectSense gray cabinets on featured wall in living room

Combining a “high-quality look with an exceptionally velvety and smooth feel,” PerfectSense is a versatile choice for countertops and cabinets, especially when a clean aesthetic is desired.

PerfectSense kitchen countertops detail

PerfectSense is clean in both the figurative and literal sense of the term. Featuring an anti-fingerprint coating, the product maintains its lively luster throughout heavy use and the assorted contact of knives, meat, produce—and especially the occasional errant sticky finger.

PerfectSense white on kitchen countertops and cabinet

PerfectSense surfaces are stain-proof and light-/UV-resistant. They are impervious to heat, cold, and water. Häcker offers Perfect Sense in UV high gloss lacquer and UV satin lacquer in 12 standard colors.

PerfectSense white kitchen cabinetry

Find out more at Häcker Kitchens.

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