Abimis’ Cold Control is Smart and Shiny

Abimis’ Cold Control is Smart and Shiny

Abimis ups the kitchen game with the professional grade Cold Control Refrigeration System.

Cold Control brushed finish

Designed for those with a “haute-couture soul,” Cold Control is like six or eight custom-controlled refrigerators housed in a single system. The several compartments encountered upon opening the resplendently gleaming doors are each customizable: different temps can be programmed depending on the precise needs of the comestibles (or imbibements) found therein.

Compartment in fridge

The technology helps users avoid the pitfalls of a single uniform temp, which I know from experience often results in a tooth-shatteringly icy orange or a sadly lukewarm beer.

More details of Cold Control

Cold Control also conforms to Gastronorm, a modular approach to food storage proposing standard dimensions for containers, trays, and other instruments, “thereby optimizing the arrangement of the various compartments and the enjoyment of all the ingredients and work tools.”

Inside fridge detail with food items

All told, Cold Control offers an innovative approach to cold storage that keeps food fresher, tastier, and better organized, while improving workflow to boot.

Cold Control with mirror finish in bright kitchen

Finish options include brushed stainless or Abimis’ dramatic new mirror finish, “a mesmerizing element with elegant volumes and unexpected games of light.”

Front view of system

Find out more at Abimis.

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