New Jewel Tones by Móz Give Spaces Some Shine

New Jewel Tones by Móz Give Spaces Some Shine

Expert metal fabricators Móz Designs are ringing in spring with exciting additions to their Classic line.

Móz Designs Night Blue detail

The new shades are modeled after the jaw-dropping effect of precious jewels, “drawing from nature’s richest shades to bring personality and depth to walls and ceilings.”

Móz Designs Steel Lavender detail

The additions include Steel Lavender (above), Rose Gold (below), Peacock Green, and Night Blue, each bringing a different slant on a “luxurious meets organic” approach, for a dramatic statement that recalls the flashier side of Mother Nature.

Móz Designs Rose Gold detail
Móz Designs Peacock Green wall panel in living room

Dzoanna Pavulina, Móz Designs’ Product Designer, comments on what she sees as a widespread move towards infusing interiors with more dynamism and color, while yet evoking the natural world: “The Jewel-Tone palette adds personality and joy to the spaces it inhabits, celebrating the use of bold colors during this pivotal moment in design.”

Móz Designs Night Blue wall panel with blue chair

Móz Designs’ architectural panels are made of 100% recycled aluminum. Applications include exterior sheathing, columns, ceilings, walls, room dividers, art displays, and other architectural elements. The new Jewel Tone palette is available in multiple grain styles, sheet thicknesses, and sheet dimensions.

Móz Designs Steel Lavender on columns in restaurant

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