Cambio Means Changeable Architectural Panels

Cambio Means Changeable Architectural Panels

Did you ever look at your walls and desire something new and different?

Cambio wall panels office partition in gray, black, white

Cambio, a brand of Windfall Architectural Products, delivers on the dream, without the pain of, say, painting.

Cambio wall panels wood design in bathroom

Recent winner of Architectural Products Magazine's Innovation award, Cambio is a wall panel system that uses rails and magnets to enable endless aesthetic variety.

Cambio wall panel white in office from designer collection

The proprietary magnet system makes for a "simple, fast and inexpensive installation, with the ability to rearrange the panels in moments."

Cambio wall panel wood and color block mix

The upshot is a near-endless variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and styles, with everything from felt to wood to color block, metal, pin board, and acoustic panels.

Cambio wall panel partial view in office with wood and metal

Users may specify custom designs or combinations of different materials, or access Windfall's designer collection, featuring work by Michael Golden and Wade Martin.

Cambio wall panel in kitchen gray and brown from designer collection

Windfall emphasizes sustainability. Materials from retired panels are re-purposed for new panels when possible and re-incorporated into other products when not.

Cambio Wall Panel color block design with dog

Find out more at Windfall.

Posted April 15, 2022 by Joseph Starr

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