Evolve with Casamilano’s Pillopipe

Evolve with Casamilano’s Pillopipe

Pillopipe is an iconic sofa created by an iconic designer, Paola Navone.

Pillopipe EVO in white with dark brown piping

The original’s stand-out qualities include a prominent piping that’s extra thick, almost like a braid.

Pillopipe EVO white/brown piping detail

The feature gives it a textural quality and defined profile that provides visual contrast and visual relief. It’s also a modular piece, with options for single armrests, central or corner elements, circular cushions, chaise lounges, and ottomans.

Pillopipe EVO off white matching piping in circular formation

This flexibility makes it great for hospitality settings, but the latest wrinkle is the contemporary incarnation. As explained by Navone herself, this version is “made a little more contemporary by lowering the armrests and the structure slightly and modifying the base.”

Pillopipe EVO dark gray white piping

All told, Pillopipe EVO strikes a nice balance between comfortable and compact, spacious and streamlined.

Pillopipe EVO Green detail green/white

Doubling down on that, Casamilano is also offering Pillopipe EVO GREEN, a sustainable version that features a hypoallergenic and biodegradable padding containing cork granules and sustainably sourced wood for the frame, making it “our first modular sofa that’s 100% eco-sustainable , in compliance with the standards of the circular economy.”

Pillopipe EVO GREEN in living room with lots of greenery behind

Pillopipe EVO is a bespoke product. See Casamilano to explore the more than 100 upholstery options in both fabric and leather.

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