Zintra by MDC Wall

Zintra by MDC Wall

An “all-in-one premier acoustical solution,” Zintra by MDC Wall achieves the venerated trifecta of improved sound quality, reduced background noise, and enhanced aesthetics.

Zintra wall panel red lattice design

MDC Wall bills the product as “Remarkably creative and strikingly quiet.” Given the variety of iterations from the inspiration gallery, the first claim is manifest.

Zintra wall tiles in shades of blue
Zintra desk panels abstract design in blue and gray

Zintra is chameleon-like in the forms it takes. With baffles, box tiles, plain tiles, etch tiles, and clouds, it can integrate seamlessly into the environs or make a dramatic statement. The product is especially eye-catching in overhead installations in high-ceiling venues. Wherein it makes a huge difference in attenuating endemic echos.

Zintra Clouds overhead baffle in sand color

And just to give a quick sense of the breadth of stylistic options here, in the “Clouds” category alone, Zintra comes in 13 unique shapes and styles. Add to that the several other categories, multiple colors, and custom options, and we approach an exponential number of creative configurations.

Zintra color line samples

Constructed from 100% recyclable high-quality PET, Zintra meets the Global Recycled Standard. It’s been verified by HPD and Declare and is Red List Free. The NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) varies between .45 and .95, depending on the installation.

Zintra overhead baffles in restaurant in green and charcoal

Find out more at MDC Wall.

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