Studio Seitz is Swiss for Sustainable

Studio Seitz is Swiss for Sustainable

Amid all the dialogue about sustainability, one frequently under-looked notion is that of timelessness.

Studio Seitz bench with man putting feet up on nearby wall

Stabellenbank by Studio Seitz. Stability in this generation and for many more to come.

If a product is durable, beautiful, and classic in the sense that it never goes out of style, this goes a long way towards achieving sustainability.

Studio Seitz stool in natural wood

Stabellenstuhl. Solid ash construction with beautifully turned legs.

The idea of doing more with less, or investing in quality over quantity, is a guiding philosophy for Studio Seitz, a New York-based design studio with manufacturing facilities in Switzerland.

Studio Seitz bench in black detail

Stabellenbank Detail.

The ethos builds on generations of Swiss makers and a tradition of artisanal craft: “heirloom-quality furniture, passed down through generations, is a foundation for our design.”

Studio Seitz stool in natural near suspended wood-burning stove

Studio Seitz’ focus on sustainability is found not only in the timeless quality of their products, but also in their emphasis on renewable, non-depleting resources: locally-sourced FSC-certified solid European Ash, aluminum, recycled brass and glass, and stoneware.

Studio Seitz stool black

A modern take on multi-purpose seating, Stabellenbank and Stabellenstuhl capture this combination of aesthetic appeal, high-quality, and long-lived versatility: “create a welcoming entryway, add extra seating for family dinners, or upgrade the foot of your bed.”

Studio Seitz bench black in entryway with blanket

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