New Horizons in Tile by Laguna Tecstone

New Horizons in Tile by Laguna Tecstone

Just South of the border, a mere five hours from Laredo, Texas, Laguna Tecstone fabricates all shapes and sizes of cast-stone-resin and metal-coated tile.

Laguna Tecstone brown brick tile in bedroom

The company aspires to meet the needs of the contemporary tile market. In the words of founder, Ricardo Saga, “what people are looking for today when searching for the right tile: 3D effects, sculpted surfaces, rich geometrical variations and shapes.”

Laguna Tecstone horizontal black and white tile in kitchen

The company’s offerings include both traditional designs, like linear shapes and light colors for kitchens and baths (above), as well as more innovative offerings for featured walls in bedrooms or living rooms, like this bronze square tile with a highly-textured metallic finish.

Laguna Tecstone square bronze-coated tiles detail

Laguna Tecstone’s palette of available material, color, and style options is extensive, with everything from hexagonal shapes, to faceted triangles and diamonds, to Greek and Moroccan designs, and even seashell motifs.

Laguna Tecstone seashell tiles white in bathroom
Laguna Tecstone Greek/Moroccan style in bedroom

To find out more, see Laguna Tecstone.

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