Dare to Be Square: Geometric Bronze Tiles by Rocky Mountain Hardware

We don’t hear too much about Idaho in the A+D world. Actually, we don’t hear too much about Idaho period. In any world. But Idaho is the place where Rocky Mountain Hardware is located and manufactured. Although Rocky Mountain Hardware is perhaps most known for their door handles and door accessories (hinges galore), the company also makes some interesting tile. Not tile featuring bass or bear (though they make those too), but sleek, modern tiles of varying shapes and sizes, in interesting geometric forms. All their products are made of bronze, either silicone or white bronze.

Arched Border Backsplash Tiles. Manufactured by Rocky Mountain Hardware.

Don’t let the bronze fool you into eco-guilt: all Rocky Mountain Hardware is certified by an outside party to contain a minimum of 90% recycled content, 50% of that being post-consumer. Designers and contractors take note: this qualifies for up to 2 LEED® points. The bronze is gorgeous, no doubt about it. It has, however, been partnered with a particular aesthetic for so long—arts & crafts meets earthy kitsch—that few people believe it can be used for other design styles.


Tetris Backsplash. Aspen Leaf Tiles with Basic and Arched Tile Border. Manufactured by Rocky Mountain.


Stacked Backsplash. Rivet Tiles with Rivet Tiles. Manufactured by Rocky Mountain.

Lovers of the minimal and modern, have no fear. Bronze can work for you too. Here are just three examples from Rocky Mountain Hardware’s Geometric and Border Collections. X is a 4″ tile that looks remarkably like a tile spacer—only weighty. In light (like silver) or dark (like oil) patina, X can add sprinkles of decorative punch. If you can’t live without squares (there are those who cannot), opt for the Waffle tile, a 2 x 2″ grid of semi-relief cubes—also great for breakfast aficionados. Finally, the 2 x 6″ Arched Tile creates a sculptural basket weave that’s satisfying to the touch (and we forget that sense too often). In brushed silicone bronze (matte gold color), a backsplash of Arched Tiles offers a wall of architectural interest (a great alternative to what’s becoming the standard expanse of marble). It’s also less common than a length of subway tiles (and I love subway tiles, so take no offense). Use these tiles sparingly or excessively—but use them.

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