Maria Prymachenko Textiles from ZigZagZurich

Maria Prymachenko Textiles from ZigZagZurich

Beguiling, beautiful, and occasionally bizarre, the work of Ukranian folk artist Maria Prymachenko is a naturalistic fantasia, with hyper-colored caricatures of creatures grazing, foraging, and just generally being exuberant in florid and fanciful fields.

Maria Prymachenko fanciful lizard painting

Much of the artist’s work (she died in 1997) is housed at Ukraine’s Ivankiv Museum, which was reportedly burned to the ground in the first days of the Russian invasion.

Maria Prymachenko Pretty Pig painting

Accounts vary, but it appears that some of her original work was destroyed in the fire.

Maria Prymachenko Maternity rug

Maternity Rug

ZigZagZurich and the Prymachenko Family Foundation have begun efforts to assure that none of the art is lost, beginning with a re-creation of three notable works as high-quality blankets made of New Zealand Wool.

Maria Prymachenko Children Guards rug

Children Guards

The chosen artworks include “Maternity,” “Children Guards,” and “Dove of Peace,” the former an homage to the maternity hospital bombed in Mariupol, and the latter two aptly themed for the moment, reflecting the plight of Ukraine’s citizens and calling for an end to war.

Maria Prymachenko Dove of Peace rug

Dove of Peace rug from artwork by Maria Prymachenko

ZigZagZurich offers textiles as a new medium to publicize the work of various artists from around the world. The wool blanket series features 100% New Zealand and Alpaca wool weaved in small, sustainable mills.

Maria Prymachenko Colossus painting

“Colossus,” painting by Maria Prymachenko

All proceeds from sales of the Maria Prymachnko rugs will go to the Ukraine Volunteer Movement to provide assistance to the people of Ukraine. See ZigZagZurich to find out more.

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