The Mokum Collection by James Dunlop Textiles

The Mokum Collection by James Dunlop Textiles

With aesthetic underpinnings in the Southern hemisphere and the flora and fauna of New Zealand and Australia, Mokum, a James Dunlop Textiles brand, offers a casual look in a quality product, focused on sustainability while reflecting an international aesthetic.

Mokum Peonia textile on curtains with peonies and stems in open living room

Peonia (above) from the La Primavera (collection) is a willowy pattern conveying visual optimism: “whereby joy is cultivated in the colour, form and function of our visual environment.” Much the same can be said of Papillon (below), a bright and intricate depiction of dangling, delicate floral forms.

Mokum Papillon textile with leafy floral forms in pink in living room

Samurai takes a different tack. In the bold, expressive colors of bright orange and ink, this pattern embraces a strict geometry that’s defined yet creative.

Mokum Samurai textile burnt orange
Mokum Samurai textile in ink of armchair

A recent addition to the collection, Leopardo is designer Catherine Martin’s take on the classic leopard print.

Mokum Leopardo textile detail on chair

The realism and detail is manifest, even in this unorthodox interpretation: “a glamorous Italian jacquard with a sateen weave ground, allowing the iconic leopard spot to sit proudly in luminous viscose chenille.”

Mokum Leopardo textile in ink color on chair

Lastly, here’s a look at the pastoral romance of cranes. Inspired by Japanese water color paintings, Oasis is a Mizu Garden fabric depicting these majestic birds amid waterlillies, lotus, peonies, and wisteria, all of which are captured solo on other Mokum fabrics. Oasis unifies them beautifully on a soft 100% linen base cloth.

Mokum Oasis textile on white curtains

Read more about James Dunlop Textiles and the Mokum brand at James Dunlop.

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