Tarkett’s Renewal Series

Tarkett’s Renewal Series

The latest product to explore the benefits of a biophilic approach to interiors, Tarkett’s Renewal series offers a broad selection of nature-inspired patterns in modular carpet, tufted broadloom, or Tarkett’s proprietary Powerbond hybrid resilient sheet.

Renewal series Hidden Arbor in large open room

Hidden Arbor in Candlelit Gray

Inspired by the Japanese art of shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing,” the six patterns in the Renewal collection aspire to evoke the forest atmosphere, “bringing a sense of calm and curiosity into spaces.”

Renewal Series Emaline light green

Emaline in Spring Moss

There are six styles total. In addition to Hidden Arbor and Emaline, the collection includes Idyllic Landscape, Fallow Ground, Lush Garden, and Native Flora.

Renewal series Native Flora design in dining room

Native Flora: “a canopy of fauna offers a playful interaction between light and shadow.”

In true Tarkett form, the collection exhibits the company’s future-forward approach to sustainability: the Renewal series uses Eco-Ensure, a premium fiber technology with reduced VOCs, and the carbon-neutral Modular with Omnicoat Technology, which promotes clean, streamlined installation.

Renewal Series Lush Garden in open room near fireplace

Lush Garden in the Tilled Earth colorway

For the decision impaired (and to aid designers), Tarkett’s digital library can help sort through the variety of styles and colorways. This tool enables customers to select a style, choose a yarn palette, and visualize it in high definition before authorizing production.

Renewal Series Idyllic landscape

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