Scena Wins LIT Design Award

Scena Wins LIT Design Award

Congrats to Scena by Luminis. This family of exterior luminaires (surface-mount and bollards) was recognized in the Outdoor Wall Lighting category at the LIT Design Awards for its elegance, versatility, durability, and unassailable style.

Scena many bollards and wall-mount lights on grounds and exterior of building

Available as a bollard (in two different heights) or wall-/ceiling-mount, Scena is ideal for comprehensive lighting strategies in expansive outdoor locales: “specifiers may mix and match a variety of models. Round or square, designers can select a bollard best suited to its surroundings, then carry the aesthetic with complementary surface mount fixtures to nearby buildings.”

Scena round wall-mount lights on building

In addition to the basic profile, Scena offers options for lighting type: shielded and down-facing for a dark-sky friendly approach and targeted lighting; or dispersed for even, powerful general illumination.

Scena family of round and square direct and diffuse lights

The individual luminaires offer an extra layer of protection: with no visible hardware, the fixtures discouraging tampering; they’re also exceedingly durable, with impact-resistant glass and sturdy aluminum casing.

Scean wall-mount lights on building

Additional options include 10 frame finishes and a cross blade feature for a unique look and an extra layer of protection.

Scena square wall-mount lights with cross blade on brick building

Find out more at Luminis.

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