Rugged Types: Lighting Trend

Rugged Types: Lighting Trend

Outdoor lighting is crucial to making the most of a site’s landscaping. With alluring materials and up-to-the-minute technology, these bollards and lamps don’t miss their chance to make a first impression:

base,, bollard, lighting, trend

Base by With IvyLight LED technology designed to optimize light color and uniformity, the in-ground luminaire and bollard combination has a lasered aluminum reflector in a frameless housing with black shadowed glass.

Palo Alto, Vibia, outdoor lighting, trend

Palo Alto by Vibia: A tree-shaped design allows greater light distribution. Designed by Josep Lluís Xuclà, the Palo Alto series includes one- and two-branched variations of the street light in addition to a path light and illuminated shade structure. Available in matte oxide lacquer or khaki.

tipi, teak, steel, Skargaarden

Tipi by Skargaarden: Designed in collaboration with Atelj© Lyktan, the teak and steel design holds up to the elements with a tepee shape available in two sizes: 65-cm diameter and 74-cm height or 80-cm diameter and 95-cm height.

Push It, F-Sign, bollard, outdoor lighting, trend

Push It by F-Sign: An aluminum bollard with horizontal LED light distribution, the lamp is available in black or white. Compatible with installation on a junction box or on a wall with a distance ring.

Situ, Urban Elements, Bevel, outdoor lighting, bollard

Bevel by Situ Urban Elements: Made with TAKTL ultra high performance concrete, the LED bollard is durable enough for urban settings, but its delicate edges make it suitable for residential projects as well. The Bevel collection includes two waste receptacles, a bench, and a planter.

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