Mannington Commercial Legato Liquid Lino

Mannington Commercial Legato Liquid Lino

Winner of a 2021 Nightingale Award (Gold, Hard Surface Flooring), Legato Liquid Lino rolls off the tongue as smoothly as it pours into place.

Legato in school dark brown

A self-leveling product, Legato combines the best of homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring and traditional linoleum. Made exclusively of natural components like vegetable oil, cork, limestone, and natural pigments, Legato Liquid Lino is free of the usual suspects we’d all like to avoid: this means no VOCs, plasticizers, formaldehyde, chlorine, or heavy metals.

Legato in kid's rec. room tan

Installation is quite simple. It involves pouring the product in its liquid form atop a moisture-treated subfloor. It cures overnight, “for a smooth, natural looking matte finish with no joints or welding needed—an elegant installation for a beautiful floor.”

Legato in open atrium silver

Legato’s monolithic nature makes it ideal for healthcare venues. With virtually no transitions to clean or trip over, it excels at hygiene, slip-resistance, infection control, and sound damping. It also wears exceptionally well. Small dents and scratches actually self-heal.

Legato in patient room light blue and gray

The product offers aesthetic versatility as well, with 54 different colors and a range of design options, including styles that capture the look of natural wood and stone.

Legato samples of colors and styles

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