KFI + Q Design = the Rang Range of Tables

KFI + Q Design = the Rang Range of Tables

KFI Studios and Q Design present Rang, a congenial family of tables with a tapered silhouette that recalls the human form.

Rang tables two heights

Rang has an eye-catching design element. Just like a fashionable belt around a comely waist, a steel apron at the legs’ angle provides a sense of containment, highlighting the table’s structure and stability.

Rang two square tables in café setting

The feature also creates a playful juxtaposition, the horizontal orientation of the steel belting providing a nice contrast with the vertical ash wood legs.

Rang table rectangle with gray top and green belting

Different tabletops offer yet more possibilities for creative design. Made of HPL, tops come in white or pewter, and square, rectangle, circular, and “squircle” shapes, with both 3 mm-straight and knife-edge profiles.

Rang table squircle white top with blue belt

Additional options include five colors for the belting and legs in umber or light oak. The rectangular version is 36″ x 72″, square is 42″, and both circle and squircle are 42″ in diameter. There are occasional, standard, counter, and standup heights.

Rang Table three heights

Check out KFI Studios and Q Design to read more. And go to Designer Pages Media for additional profiles of versatile table collections.

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