Concordic Finds Inspiration in the New England Coastal Forest

Concordic Finds Inspiration in the New England Coastal Forest

I’m personally a creature of the Rocky Mountain West, and I’d have it no other way, but here’s one thing the East Coast has got on us: hardwoods.

Concordic planter in the woods
Concordic Planter

The New England coastal forest and environs are both the inspiration and the fount of materials for designer Erik DeGiorgi and Concordic, a new furniture company founded by DeGiorgi on the principles of sustainability, local procurement, and local manufacture—in a word, harmony with the regional environment.

Concordic Livvi furniture system green storage cabinet
Livvi Credenza

In fact, that’s exactly what “Concordic” means. DeGiorgi coined the term from the word “concord,” believing it to reflect his core ethos of not only treading lightly on the land but also being transported into it.

Concordic tall planter in the woods

DeGiorgi grew up in a rural area not far from where he creates his furniture (in a 75,000 sq. ft. manufacturing co-op in Boston); everything about Concordic draws on this experience. The customized furniture he offers is made exclusively from hardwoods sourced from nearby forests. Not only that, but the color palette used astride the wood in the Livvi Furniture System is drawn from the very same species.

Concordic green storage detail

If one looks carefully, as DiGiorgi obviously has, you’ll find no less than 32 colors expressed throughout spring, summer, fall, and winter, “colors taken from the leaves, fruit, flowers and bark of the same species of trees we use for lumber.”  These comprise the palette for Livvi, Concordic’s customizable system that lets you select type of wood, type of furniture, features, dimensions, and color.

Concordic color chart

Concordic does the rest, crafting a beautiful, durable, and functional piece that conveys a real connection to place. And while it may be easy to dismiss this as a mere talking point, it’s actually a fundamentally important ethos that addresses crucial questions surrounding consumption patterns, stewardship of nature, and our evolution towards sustainability. DiGiorgi puts it thusly: “I don’t see a more important conversation than that surrounding human consumption, waste, environmental preservation and our changing climate. The idea behind Concordic Studio was to create goods that help promote the health and wellbeing of our ecosystem through thoughtful manufacturing processes that yield long lasting goods.”

Concordic small storage dresser lavender with one open door

We could all benefit from this cue, learning to minimizing what we take and modifying how we take it, consuming thoughtfully and moderately, and developing more authentic relationships with nature and all of her resources.

Concordic small storage lavender in kitchen

Find our more at Concordic or see them on Instagram at @concordicstudio.

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