Arden Studio Wins Good Design Awards for Mobi and Haven

Arden Studio Wins Good Design Awards for Mobi and Haven

The Good Design Awards have a vintage pedigree. Established in 1950 by none other than Edgar Kauffman, Jr., Eero Saarinen, and the Eames, this annual event celebrates innovation and achievement in design and manufacturing: “products that have chartered new directions and pushed the envelope for competition in the world marketplace.” With a list of winners that includes the paperclip, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and the NASA Spaceship, awardees typically represent new ways of thinking about old problems; these are products likely to change the trajectory of solutions within a given context.

Arden Studio Mobi and Haven in open workplace

Acknowledged for “Evolving what’s possible with the medium of glass,” Arden Studio’s Mobi and Haven are partitions with purpose and panache. Though their philosophical genesis predates it by years, these are products made for our post-pandemic age, both of them inhabiting new terrain in aesthetic appeal and function.

Arden Studio Mobi with white and gray in open office

Named for the emphasis on mobility, Mobi is a movable partition with a dual personality: it’s a writable glass markerboard as well as a sound-damping PET panel.

Arden Studio Mobi white/gray with image of buildings in open office

Elements of each can be incorporated in a single unit, or they can have a single, solitary personality. Note the clever niche between the different glassboards, ideal for storing markers and erasers as well as creating “a compelling visual contrast to the glass surface.”

Arden Studio Mobi close view of niche between glass boards

Said surface uses 4 mm Starphire Ultra-Clear glass, an exceptionally thin product that enhances visuals as well as performance, making the magnetic function that much more powerful.

Arden Studio Mobi with yellow/gray in open area with lounge seating and many people

As you might imagine, Haven creates heavenly pockets for privacy and focused work.

Arden Studio Haven several different styles with custom designs

A compelling alternative to plastic panels and partitions, Haven glass partitions are sturdy and stable, yet easy to re-locate, creating separation without blocking sight lines. They also come in a compact size, easy to attach to any work surface.

Arden Studio Haven partitions on desks

They have a biophilic effect as well. With different options for shape, clear/frosted glass, and custom designs, Haven not only serves the pragmatic function of separation and safety, they also incorporate a feeling of nature, proven to enhance cognitive and emotional well being.

Arden Studio Mobi several styles in nice open office

While Mobi is more workspace-focused and Haven has a natural affinity for healthcare, both are versatile and impactful, offering privacy/separation solutions that transcend the norm and offer beauty as well as function.

Arden Studio Mobi and Haven several styles and shapes

Read more at Arden Studio and The Good Design Awards.

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