Atmos by Olero Design

Atmos by Olero Design

Privacy can be hard to find in today’s open plan work spaces but Olero Design have come up with an attractive and flexible solution in the form of the Atmos privacy enclosure.


Atmos by Olero is a light and modular private enclosure that provides individuals with a sense of  personal privacy.

Although many large firms like Amazon and Yahoo consider open offices as ideal work settings, studies reveal that open environments also expose people to sensory overload i.e. distractions, unpredictable behavior, feeling trapped and overall mess.

The lightweight Atmos desk enclosure was designed to tackle this problem by providing a personal working environment that lets light in, and keeps distractions out.


Perfect for use in dense and crowded environments such as offices, classrooms and libraries, the Atmos’s modular design was inspired by Buckminster Fuller's geodesic structures and the work of Korean sculptor and installation artist Do Ho Su, who creates fabric cladding sculptures.

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About the manufacturer: Canadian design studio Olero Design is the creator of the Atmos, a private desk enclosure for use in open plan spaces. The studio is dedicated to improving the workplace by creating a sense of comfort and privacy within dense and crowded environments 

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