The House that Boca do Lobo Built

The House that Boca do Lobo Built

Detail of Boca do Lobo’s Supernova Chandelier

As we’ve seen with recent pieces the Hera Round suspension lamp and Diamond Emerald sideboard, Boca do Lobo doesn’t shy away from excess. In fact, they seem to have been magnetically pulled toward that mode of expression.

Boca do Lobo entryway

Hong Kong loft entryway with Supernova chandelier, Monocles side table, and Disruption rug

Let’s not mince words and just say that most everything Boca do Lobo touches emerges bright, shiny, pointed, intricate, and colorful. The style may not be for everyone, though it is for lots of us. Regardless of where you tend land on the spectrum between high-spectacle and understated, BDL makes an impression.

Boca do Lobo loft Symphony nightstand

Detail of Boca do Lobo’s Symphony Nightstand. Looks like the pleats in a gold-plated curtain.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could see all of their outlandish creations in one place? It would and you can. Well, sort of. This industrial open loft in Hong Kong was designed by Boca do Lobo Studio. And though not all the furnishings are authored by same, many are, and those that are not offer an air of collegiality in both spirit and style.

Lapiaz oval center table. A crack in the crust of the earth leads, in BdL’s world, to lava of molten gold.

The mood is set in the entryway with Supernova, a veritable constellation of a chandelier that suggests Sputnik, the Big Bang, and the phenomena of an imploding star, which “can briefly outshine entire galaxies and radiate more energy than our sun will in its entire lifetime.” Paired here with the Disruption Rug and Monocles sideboard, Supernova inhabits the rarefied air up there while beckoning guests hence. Kind of similar to the effect of a life-sized reconstruction of a blue whale at the entrance to a museum.

Boca do Lobo loft Supernova

The rug beneath is designed to disrupt. From Rug Society’s Urban Collection, Disruption depicts an unsettling abstract act. I see a drill boring through rough rock, or perhaps a mountain being driven further upward by the pressures of some aquatic cataclysm—for a spectacle of similar potency to the dramatic gesture above.

A very disrupting rug in a somewhat calmer setting. Still unsettling.

For an impactful trifecta, the Monocles sideboard completes this picture. DelightFULL’s signature piece infuses a mid-century style and silhouette with a hefty dose of perforated gold plate. Again, perhaps a little scary to walk by, yet the thrill more than compensates. The different-sized holes evoke the iconic target motif of the Bond films’ opening credit sequence: “a high-end look with engraved circles in the wood of its structure offers extreme character and personality.”

Monocles sideboard from DelightFULL. Evoking the seamless elegance of Bond.

Boca do Lobo loft living room with Marco chair, Odette sofa, and Lapiaz table

Living Room with Marco chair, Odette sofa, and Lapiaz table

In a clever inversion of Frank Lloyd Wright’s compression-release dynamic, the cavernous entryway gives to the lower-ceilinged environs of the living room, featuring the silky silhouettes of BdL’s Odette Sofa, the sumptuously armed Marco armchair, and the compelling cracked motif of Lapiaz.

The home office offers a tantalizing glimpse of the iconic Eames Lounge, in white leather no less, as it faces the formidable pillar-like structure of Boca do Lobo’s Empire desk. This is three serious slabs of Carrara marble, the only disruption to the continuity of the theme being the twin gold-plated beams that support the worktop.

Boca do Lobo loft office with Empire desk

White walls and then some. Home office with Empire desk.

If white=office then black=bathroom. Here’s Boca do Lobo’s finely faceted Black Diamond tub. If the Empire Desk looks heavy, this may make you reconsider the definition of the term. It’s cast iron with a high-gloss black lacquer finish.

Boca do Lobo loft Bathroom with Black Diamond tub

From the shape of the tub to the tiles on the wall, black diamonds are a motif throughout.

In the kitchen, more velvet voluptuousness amid shiny ovals. We’ve already met Marco (head of table). The smaller Soleil chairs feature gold-plated legs with a slim swoop. With their subtle evocation of an insectile appendage, I can’t decide if they’re sexy or spooky.

Boca do Lobo dining with Marco chair, Soleil chairs, and Pietra Oval XL table

Marco, Soleil, and Pietra Oval table

As for the massive Pietra Oval XL dining table, let’s just say that it would make a fine gathering place for the cast of Alice in Wonderland, a laboriously carved and hand-sculpted bit of wonderment made of Nero Marquina marble perched atop robust marble pedestals.

Boca do Lobo loft dinng room

Dare I say the master bedroom is restrained? I guess I wouldn’t go that far, but it does have an air of cozy that departs from the rest of the space. The nightstands are Boca do Lobo’s signature Symphony.

Boca do Lobo loft Bedroom with large bed and Symphony nightstand

The musical motif is manifest: the pleated front reminds me of curtains at a gala event, as well as the towering brass pipes of an organ: “This stunning piece brings the perfect design melody to the bedroom, with its trills and turns, making the bedroom experience into something of genius.”

Boca do Lobo Symphony nightstand

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