Rugs by Jessica Poundstone for Work in Progress

Rugs by Jessica Poundstone for Work in Progress

There’s a lot to love about Jessica Poundstone’s rugs. They’re made of 100% natural fiber (cotton). They’re designed by a woman graphic artist. They’re available through a queer-owned company. They’re hand-woven in India by a third-generation family-owned business. And they are all about color!

portrait of Jessica Poundstone

Let’s start with the artist. Jessica Poundstone is a Portland-based artist who believes “art is part of a self-care practice that changes the way we see, think & feel.” Her work features color infused with emotion. It can be viewed as a digital version of chromoluminarism—except instead of dots, she separates colors into geometric lines.

living room with Wild Cherry area rug by Jessica Poundstone

Her bold color combinations translate well into the collection’s flatwoven rugs. The fruit-inspired hues create luscious palettes. Avocado is earthy and serene. Wild Cherry is a maximalist fruit salad underfoot. Peach practically drips with sugary spa-like splendor.

bedroom with Peach area rug by Jessica Poundstone

Poundstone’s creations are offered through Work in Progress, a queer—”as in both gay and weird”—brand founded by Emma Holland Denvir that collaborates with diverse creatives, including women and people of color. According to the WIP website, Denvir wanted to create “a company where the employees and collaborators are representative of the real world.” If that ethos hasn’t convinced you, Denvir founded Work in Progress because of “no longer wanting to work with a**holes.” Cue round of applause.

office with Blueberry area rug by Jessica Poundstone

To create the line of flatweave rugs, Work in Progress partnered with Nomadory, a team that facilitates ethical and transparent fabrication in India and Africa. The handwoven rugs use azo-free dyes, which means they don’t contain the main known carcinogenic compounds regulated by the EU. This goes a long way to keeping people happy and healthy at home (or anywhere else).

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