Top Ten: Inspiring Rugs for Kids

There’s nothing that warms up a hard floor in the dead of winter like a new rug, full of color and texture to soothe the growing spirit of your child. That’s why we chose to focus on Inspiring Rugs for Kids for this week’s Top Ten list. After viewing thousands of different designs that were each so different, we’ve come up with a wide variety that take shades of color, nature-inspired motifs, dreamlike bubbles, and simple polka dots to an all new level.

1. Wonder Wool

PRICE: $310- 1360
Dimensions: 3′ x 5″, 5′ x 8′, and 8′ x 10′
A hand-tufted rug made from New Zealand wool, the Wonder Wool rug’s modern, bubbly design with a deep brown background comes in your choice of four color tones: blue, green, pink, and purple. As Avalisa poignantly describes, “the colors and shapes used enhance every environment that they are introduced into.” Besides offering inventive, easy to match rugs, Avalisa also designs modern wall art and crib bedding to bring out the best of your child’s imagination.
Top Ten: Inspiring Rugs for Kids

2. Dot

MANUFACTURER: Pottery Barn Kids
PRICE: $129- 499
Dimensions: 3′ x 5′ to 7′ x 9′
Sweetly laid out onto the colored wool background are ivory polka dots on this hand-tufted wool rug. Plainly put, it’s the Dot Rug by Pottery Barn Kids, and it helps to line your child’s bedroom or play area with a light-hearted, mellow design. The backing of the rug is cotton-canvas and synthetic latex, and it is best paired with a recycled premium rug pad (to maximize block-building, doll-playing comfort, of course).
Top Ten: Inspiring Rugs for Kids

3. Cellula

DESIGNER: Ross Lovegrove
PRICE: $9,599.00
Dimensions: 160 x 220 cm, 175 x 290cm and 175 x 320 cm (other sizes available upon request)
If your child’s design eye with impressive crayon sketches began at a young age, why not equip them with a rug to match their potential? The Cellula is a fine wool, high-tech designer rug by Ross Lovegrove for Moho Design. Using an old Polish method of felting the wool after its woven on looms, it gets laser cut after gluing the thin felt layers together. The designer speaks to his abstract designs in the same light, saying ‘I see them floating in space creating islands that are informal more as work of art than gently function in their warmth and tactility’.
Top Ten: Inspiring Rugs for Kids

4. Links Area

PRICE: $260- 520
Dimensions: 4′ x 5′ or 5′ x 8′
Who knew your rug could teach kids about Human Rights? The rugs from notNeutral proudly work with GoodWeave, an international non-profit organization that is dedicated to abolishing exploitative child labor in India, Nepal and Pakistan. This particular Links pattern comes in two different color combination and is made in 100% wool rug with durable loop construction and cotton backing to ensure long lasting, illegal child labor-free goodness.
Top Ten: Inspiring Rugs for Kids

5. Daisy Garden

MANUFACTURER: Pottery Barn Kids
PRICE: $129- 599
Dimensions: 3′  x 5′ to 8′ x 10′
A looped wool rug in a pistachio green or light pink, this Daisy Garden Rug by Pottery Barn Kids is manufactured in a raised cut pile. In an inviting texture with joyful, long-stemmed flowers and a cotton canvas, this rug helps to make the transition from the terrible twos all the way up to the preteen years that much easier since it can work for virtually any age group.
Top Ten: Inspiring Rugs for Kids

6. Times

MANUFACTURER: Gary Cruz Studio
PRICE: $3,780 and up
Dimensions: 6′ x 9′ and up
Alphabet or just good design? The Times rug by Gary Cruz Studios, made with GoodWeave certification, seems to show various letters of the what some consider the perfect font: Times New Roman. Whether this was intended or not, the reason this rug stood out was because we watch the perfect become imperfect in a creative way – a lesson many children can afford to reflect upon while growing up. Made from 100% Tibetan wool in Nepal at 100 knots per inch, the Times rug comes in two different two-toned colors: gray/black or cream/red.
Top Ten: Inspiring Rugs for Kids

7. Skipping Stones

PRICE: $149.99/ six tiles
Dimensions: 19.7″ x 19.7″ per tile (3′ x 5′ total)
Balance their computer and video game time with the lure of being outside using the Skipping Stones Rug Kit by FLOR, Inc. Even though they company recommends using these 6-tile rug sets (or more, if a larger rug is desired) in a bathroom or sunroom, the cropped velvet and nylon pile with Glasbac backing is the perfect, unconventional solution for truly thinking outside of the box – and technically, outside of the home.
Top Ten: Inspiring Rugs for Kids

8. Milan

DESIGNER: Wenlan Chia
MANUFACTURER: Twinkle Living
PRICE: $125
Dimensions: 32″ x 19″
Whether you’re madly in love with dogs or you want to get a rug created in honor of them, share the loyal love of a pup with your offspring. Designer Wenlan Chia uses her beloved French Bulldog, Milan, as the subject of her designs in a simple white/black hand-tufted doormat made from 100% New Zealand wool. On nights when you put the kids to sleep early and have friends over, its an easy drag into the living room to factor in a little French style
Top Ten: Inspiring Rugs for Kids

9. Dharma 7526

PRICE: $90- 1,250, depending on size and retailer
Dimensions: 2′ x 3′ to 7’9″ x 10’6″
Suitable for the flower child in the family, this rug from the Dharma Collection by Chandra Rugs looks like the silhouette of a bush in bloom. Hand-tufted in organic New Zealand wool, the nature-inspired flower pattern comes in three different colors: pink (shown, #7526), blue (#7525), and tan/ivory (#7527).
Top Ten: Inspiring Rugs for Kids

10. Spirograph

PRICE: $1,020
Dimensions: 78.75″ x 78.75″
A favorite game for the artsy types, the Spirograph rug holds a special place in many an artsy heart. That’s why this hand-tufted rug made of 85% wool and 15% viscose stood out amongst the contenders with the familiar shapes and colorful possibilities. Pop a squat on this square-shaped landing, grab the tiny pens and swinging stencil kits, and let your creativity run wild – or just reminisce as you pass by the swooping edges and plan on it for the first snow day of the year.
Top Ten: Inspiring Rugs for Kids

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Top Ten of Inspiring Rugs for Kids!

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