New Styles for Believing Crypton

New Styles for Believing Crypton

Believing Crypton is a textile collection by Architex that offers motifs of connection and hope.

Believing Crypton Chronicle detail

Chronicle from Believing Crypton

It’s certainly a worthy aspiration. I think we’d all agree that themes of unity and community are sorely needed during these divisive times.

Believing Crypton Knowledge detail

Knowledge from Believing Crypton

With styles like “Knowledge,” “Coalesce,” “Community,” and “Chronicle,” the Believing collection offers abstract motifs that acknowledge the ways we join in, share, and benefit from mutual understanding: “every motif represents a place where humans come together and connect face-to-face, creating instances when the beliefs in our similarities outshine our differences.”

Believing Crypton Community detail

Community offers an interesting pictograph of how people cluster around each other.

The styles above are the latest additions to Believing Crypton. Architex is offering nine new patterns in 66 colorways. Crypton is a unique proprietary textile with superior stain resistance, as well as antimicrobial and moisture barrier technology.

Believing Crypton Coalesce detail

The dynamic starburst pattern of Coalesce

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