The Delicate Decadence of Caffe Latte’s Nougat desk

The Delicate Decadence of Caffe Latte’s Nougat desk

Cafe Latte continues the theme of furniture intertwined with food. Harar paid homage to a coffee growing region in Ethiopia. Now, the Nougat desk celebrates a holy trinity of sorts: coffee, chocolate, and nougat.

Nougat desk front view

Featuring a marble top from Nero Marquina, Nougat evokes the interplay of these decadent delicacies, “where the harmonious flavors combine perfectly for an overwhelming taste experience.”

Nougat desk angled view 1

If you’re partial to the sensorial experience of sipping a dark pour-over while sampling delicate bites of nut-infused bars, you’ll certainly respond to Nougat’s color and texture. The unique design features a weathered look, with manufactured “cracks” in the brass revealing a solid, golden-hued center.

Nougat desk detail of

Just like a superior confection, Nougat is a rare item for a rarefied sensibility: “a desk to indulge in an elegant modern office.”

Nougat desk angled view 2

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