The Long, Lovey, Comfy Gommosa Sofa

The Long, Lovey, Comfy Gommosa Sofa

Named for a sweet and sticky coffee drink that I’ve yet to come across but will doubtless soon appear at a Starbucks near you, Caffe Latte’s Gommosa Sofa beckons with comfy oversized contours and an inviting twelve-foot expanse.

front view

But back to that coffee-like confection, café gommosa is made by drizzling deep dark espresso over fluffy marshmallows for a drink that’s “energizing, sweet, and pleasant.”

 in nice living room

Caffe Latte likens the sofa to the drink: comfy yet dynamic, welcoming yet innovative and exciting. It’s also apropos that the literal translation of “gommosa” is chewy, because the presence of this sofa creates some exquisitely chewable scenery.

Gommosa Sofa in luxury living room

“Soft as a marshmallow and exciting as espresso,” the Gommosa Sofa evokes the spirit of a nice coffee (with marshmallows or without): warm, inviting, and exhilarating.

two sofas across from each other with fireplace between

Caffe Latte offers the sofa in two color/fabric combinations: boucle in ascot pearl and aged brass matte.

 Sofa in aged brass

Go to Caffe Latte for more. And see other warm and inviting sofas at Designer Pages Media.

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