Mèlange Ceramica Tiles by Francesco de Maio

Mèlange Ceramica Tiles by Francesco de Maio

Patchwork. Pastiche. Collage.

Mèlange Ceramica tiles on wall in kitchen

The terms describe an artistic strategy, that of bringing together seemingly disparate but actually complementary elements: the trick is in knowing how to arrange them.

Mèlange Ceramica tiles on floor in living room with blue ottoman

The 901 series Mèlange Ceramica tiles by Francesco De Maio uses a modern incarnation of traditional Italian design.

Mèlange Ceramica tile detail

Floral shapes and geometric motifs are depicted as if through the prism of a kaleidoscope, then artfully intertwined for a celebration of hypnotic shapes and vivid colors: “a game of decors patchwork… historical memory combined with the charm of unique and sophisticated craftsmanship.”

Mèlange Ceramica tiles detail on wall behind kitchen faucet

These traditional Vietri ceramics are adorned with handmade decorative art. They’re ideal for living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Mèlange Ceramica tiles on wall in bright kitchen

See Francesco De Maio and Maison & Objet & More for additional information.

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