Jeeves Pendant from Innermost

Jeeves Pendant from Innermost

Five years ago, Innermost released the Jeeves and Wooster pendants, whimsical lights with a distinctly British flair.

Innermost Jeeves in fancy restaurant

It’s a simple concept with a signature Innermost execution: handmade felt hats are lined with an aluminum inner shell that creates a welcoming amber glow—ideal for targeted lighting in restuarants, bars, and retail venues.

Innermost Jeeves close-up of two pendants

Most are familiar with the iconic butler “Jeeves” from the work of P.G. Wodehouse, but for me, these bowler hats-turned illuminating apparati evoke the ethereal wisdom of the iconic Peter Seller’s character, Chance the Gardener, from Jerzy Kosinski’s novel (and Hal Ashby’s film) Being There.

Innermost Jeeves Being There poster

The disembodied aesthetic is also evocative of the masterful work of surrealist painter René Magritte.

Innermost Jeeves Magritte painting of men in bowler hats

Both Jeeves and Wooster have been re-issued and are currently available.

Innermost Jeeves several lights at retail shop
Innermost Jeeves several pendants in a row

Get further details at Innermost.

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