Aspect by Kornegay Design

Aspect by Kornegay Design

Sometimes, you’ve just got to go with the tried and true.

Aspect planters six sizes all charcoal

Kornegay Design’s Aspect series of precast concrete planters is just that.

Aspect planters detail of top edge of three planters

With their slim, streamlined silhouette and unparalleled durability, Aspect offers universal appeal.

Aspect planters detail top edge

These planters feature an invisible reveal at the base, an elegant feature that gives these very heavy pieces a lighter look, while also creating an eye-catching interplay between light and shadow.

Aspect planters single planter in charcoal

Aspect comes in a variety of shapes and sizes—all of them variations on the simple rectangle. In a mixed display, the different lengths and heights complement one another, creating a variety of textures and sight lines, “for a display of modest elegance and refined sensibility.”

Aspect planters three sizes two charcoal one white in front of wooden wall

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