The Very Resourceful Swing Bed

The Very Resourceful Swing Bed

Here’s another testament to how adversity breeds adaptation: the Swing Sofa/Bed by Resource Furniture.

Swing as sofa with gray upholstery in neat room with ottoman, chair, and bookcase

By day, a seemingly simple sectional sofa with a deep spacious fit and options for an L-shaped chaise configuration.

Swing in up position showing storage beneath sofa and shelves behind

But by night, or whenever the urge for some quick Zzzzzs should strike, Swing swings into action and transforms into a comfy queen bed.

Swing as bed gray upholstery with bookshelf and chair and view of backyard

The trick is in Swing’s integrated cable-assist mechanism, enabling a rapid change from living space to bedroom, which is ideal for making multi-purpose rooms a reality: “The apartment can function like a one-bedroom, and the conversion from sofa to bed also allows a mental conversion to take place — out of sight, out of mind!”

Swing transforming from sofa to bed

Indeed, the ease of the transformation is key. So too is the seamless appearance of Swing in sofa form, as the function of the sofa is in no way altered or diminished by the stowed bed.

Swing as sofa with white shelves behind in gray upholstery with seated woman reading

Swing rides the wave of home improvement initiated in 2020 during the pandemic. But this is nothing new for Resource Furniture, who has been using all resources at their disposal to improve the function of spaces (and space-savers) since their inception.

Swing as bed with orange comforter and gray upholstery on sofa with white shelves behind

Swing comes in a choice of multiple finishes and fabrics, including lacquer, melamine, wood, leather, and fabric upholstery. Find out more at Resource Furniture.

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