A Bed by Murphy’s Law

Beds are like thrones. Situated front and center (with royal Egyptian textiles, of course) the price of your square footage just doubled. That is, unless you have a Murphy bed.

Telemaco 90, vertical wall bed unit.

Developed over one hundred years ago by William L. Murphy, the modern Murphy bed (also known as the “wall-bed”) began as a practical piece of furniture. It allows for your area to be used for living and sleeping with the disappearing act of your bed into a cabinet built into your wall. Present-day Murphy bed companies, namely CLEI UK and Moddi, attract individuals looking to both revitalize their small space while adding a state-of-the-art piece of modern furniture to their collection.

CLEI UK, based in London, uses modular shelving and cabinetry to flawlessly disguise your wall-bed. Going above and beyond the call of duty, their vertical wall bed systems, swivel vertical wall bed systems, and horizontal wall bed systems leave no room for doubt. I suppose that dwelling in London – a city whose cars alone cost approximately 30% more than list price with UK’s “congestion tax”- helps create variations of any space-saving technique given their tight quarters.

Moddi offers a very popular do-it-yourself method. Being easy on the pocketbook and to construct, a Moddi system realizes the utility of a Murphy bed without the bells and whistles. Not to say it is any less classy: the tile-like wood cabinetry of Moddi looks less like a hidden bed and more like larger-than-life gameboard. This fact alone is reason enough for a giant tic-tac-toe shindig.

DP Large

Building a murphy bed all by yourself is now easy thanks to Moddi.

In each case, substantive mattresses are sized to preference- twin, double, queen, or king- and unlike the foldable hotel trundle, they aren’t wafer thin.

CLEI UK and Moddi aren’t just another company or two looking to get a piece of the modern furniture market. They’re the bedroom coup d’etat we’ve been waiting for.

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