Original BTC Doubles Down Again

By doubling the number of shades, Original BTC enhanced the appeal of the original Oxford light. Now the company is all-in on the doubling concept with the Oxford Double multi-arm lampshade chandelier.

Oxford Double front view

That may be a mouthful to say, but the multiple modifiers are well-earned by this beautiful piece.

Oxford Double detail 1

The Oxford Double begins with the subtle geometry of its five brass arms, extending out in an elegant and economical gesture to support the “five pairs of beautifully touchable quilted shades.”

Oxford Double detail 2

The shades are the double referred to in the name: a cylindrical shade below and a conical one up top, for a familiar shape that evokes the iconic lamp yet stands out for its faceted texture and alluring glow.

Oxford Double above fireplace mantle in traditional living room

As with all their bone china shades, Oxford Double is manufactured via traditional methods at the company’s factory in Stoke-on-Trent: it’s moulded, set, freed from the mould, air dried, sponged, fettled, and biscuit fired in an exacting process that produces an unprecedented product.

Oxford Double during manufacture pouring liquid slip from mould

Oxford Double during manufacture just removed from mould

The Oxford Double chandelier’s supporting cable may be set to the desired length during installation. Read more at Original BTC. And see more from the same manufacturer at Designer Pages Media.

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