Nightingale Awards for Embra and Ezzeri

Nightingale Awards for Embra and Ezzeri

Named after Florence Nightingale, perhaps history’s most tireless advocate for improving conditions for patients and cargeivers, the Nightingale Awards honor products that contribute to a healing environment.

Embra two lounges and sofa in light gray with coffee table in light-filled room with city view
Interwoven’s Embra Line

At this year’s Healthcare Design Expo & Conference, Interwoven Health was doubly honored: Embra (Innovation in Seating) and Ezzeri (silver for Patient: Seating), both designed by 5D Studio.

Embra two modular sofas in navy in patient seating area

Embra is a modular community that toes the line between function and aesthetics. The features of this line of freestanding lounges, sleep sofas, and public seating are extraordinarily useful and artfully incorporated: softened edges, integrated power/data and storage, and aluminum rails that easily allow add-ons like tables and LED lighting.

Embra loveseat and side-by-side chairs in light gray with side tables, lamp, and coat rack

Likewise, Ezzeri puts the needs or patients front and center. A re-conceptualization of the traditional patient recliner, Ezzeri is essentially a hybrid that “combines the egress capabilities of a patient chair with the comfort and utility of a patient recliner.”

Embra Ezzeri patient recliner in patient room with Dr.'s stool

Unlike most patient recliners, Ezzeri is mobile and light, effortless to operate, comfortable to inhabit, and economical with space.

Embra Ezzeri patient reciner and sleeper sofa in patient room

In addition to its streamlined aesthetic, Ezzeri does away with the bells and whistles—rather than handles and controls, Ezzeri employs an intuitve self-weighting recline mechanism, making it simple for patients to find a comfortable neutral balance point.

Embra patient recliner in mint green in patient room with tables, ottoman and storage

Both lines support Interwoven’s mission to deliver innovative solutions for the health market and “challenge the status quo in health.” To find out more, see Interwoven.

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