Drive Creative Solutions: Palette Lounge Series by Davis Furniture

Since I was a child, the thought of holding a painting palette up to a canvas and carefully painting patient, sweeping strokes would have been my absolute dream hobby. Like a form of therapy for healthcare settings, the Palette Lounge Series by Davis Furniture is, as they say, “scaled to accommodate”.

Palette Lounge Series. Manufactured by Davis Furniture.

Bring Out the Artistic Side of a Contract Lounge Using the Palette Series

“The lounge area is becoming more than a waiting room. It’s an environment that must accommodate people as they work and interact,” writes Davis Furniture of their generous modular seating designs. Designed by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger, the Palette Lounge Series combines waiting and working with the idea that one, two and three seat units can come together with matching tablet and table options like a customized seating arrangement for any setting.

Palette Lounge Series. Manufactured by Davis Furniture.

Featuring plywood seats and seatbacks with multi-density, high resiliency urethane foam slabs, the Palette Lounge pieces are built to last. Each “module pallet” has legs with adjustable glides and is made out of various types of veneer or with a laminate top and bottom. The metal finishes that accent the Palette tables and chairs come in a satin chrome, or five different powder-coated finish options and can come with two power outlets, two data ports, a 10-ft power cord, etc.

Palette Lounge Series. Manufactured by Davis Furniture.

Connect in waiting rooms using the Palette Lounge Series as a catalyst – allowing for easy collaboration face-to-face or through easy portals to data connectivity.

About the Manufacturer: Davis Furniture Industries aims to drive innovation in the contract markets, providing leading aesthetics and functionality together with global inspirations. “It’s all about the product, and the product is about design,” according to Danny Davis, company president. Owned and operated by the Davis family for 68 years, Davis’ designs are handcrafted in North Carolina.

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